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SID 3 is out - I am in :)

The ever more popular Sleeping in the Dirt online fishing magazine's latest issue is out. It is built around the Road Trip theme, where my last year's fishing trip fit well. Yes, I am in. :) Have a look at the magazine, which features magnificent photos from many of my friends, as well.
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Fun whole day

Today, I got up early to go fishing. :)
As last week fishing was great, I had no anticipation of hooking lots of trout (rule of stocking). Already at the first cast, I was proved to be wrong. I hooked and landed a nice bow! After which, I done a few LDRs (long-distance release) and lost quite a few of my new and successful new ties. :( However, the fun continued and I landed and released over 15 fish. I took many photos, some keepers. The weather was wet and bitterly cold. I felt cold despite multi-layered and waterproof clothing, but the continuous action kept me going. :)
The water level is even higher than last week. So, you have to know where to look for the fish. Wading is still prohibited, which makes casting and landing bit more challenging. Hopefully, this restriction will bring new generation of trout to our stream. Today, I also heard a rumor that someone caught a fat brownie over 70 cm in our water. It would be a great sign. She was C&R.
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Finally the season was kicked off!

Today, I spent quite a few hours in the rain, wind, and cold... but what a blast it was! I hooked many, but landed 2 over-50cm rainbow and a small brownie. I was also extremely happy about the brown trout, as that either survived the winter or born there. Water is high and the current is pretty strong, so landing fish was a bit of challenge. Although, the over-size #6 Sage and 0.25mm leader made it OK.
I was also happy to see that the river-watcher came, checked licences, explained the no-wading rule and gave river maps. I hope to see less poachers this year.

Salmon flies tying evening

This week, I again went to Espoon Perhokalastajat r.y.'s eveing where Toni (if I recall correctly) taught us tying two salmon flies, one traditional and one tube fly (photos will follow). However, it is not the flies I learned the most from, but he shown some smart techniques (like the thumb-indexfinger hackle preparation). I was again happy to see so many fly tying fans (this time mostly different people from the previous session). Great job, EPK!
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Sleeping in the Dirt - Issue 2 is out and getting attention

The latest issue of SID is out and getting lots of hits. Should you like high quality fly-fishing photos and videos from all over the world, take a look at it:
Sleeping in the Dirt - Issue 2

All the contributors and Aaron did a great job of presenting us some AWE-inspiring fly-fishing locations.
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First time in this season - blank

I hit the river first time in this season and I was early. It was a beautiful day, Good Friday, with some sunny spells (mostly overcast). There were hatches of of black stone flies (was easy to see them on the white snow&ice). However, no sign of fish. Also, the water is high and fast. It is probably more brown than usual.
I fished most parts of the river with streamers and nymphs, but I got not even a tug. Despite the hatches, I have not seen a rise. There were two more fishermen out there, but they got no fish (what I saw).
In spite of got skunked, I enjoyed this trip. It was a good exercise because of knee deep snow and slippery ice & slush. That little sunshine surely made the day. I also got some great photos of both stoneflies and waterfalls. (See some below)
It looks that this time was just a bit too early for fishing the river. Nevertheless, when the flooding and runoff is over, there will be plenty of fish and fishermen. :)
Happy Easter, everyone. Have a look at these awesome Easter egg photos.

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Waiting for the opening of the river

As the river here is still pretty icy, I have been trying some flies that worked very well last season and also experimented with some new ones. Indeed, I am running out of hooks. No worry, the new order is already on its way from the UK. I also ordered some flies to have a closer look at them and probably tie some more.
My new macro lens is amazing. Thus, this weekend I am also shooting macro test shots, some probably of the new flies. I will try to post them here, soon.
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Fly-tying course - Espoon Perhokalastajat r.y.

On one of my last season's roadtrip, I met a fellow fisherman from Espoo. He was eager to tell about their fly-fishing club, Espoon Perhokalastajat r.y.. Indeed, I have already forgotten about his invitation to the club, when last week I run into the club's site and found out that there is an ongoing winter fly-tying course.
Naturally, today I went to meet these guys and learn some new tricks. They were really friendly and let me join the course. We tied two basic streamers. I have been tying for 4 years, thus they felt a bit too easy. So, I was there mostly for the company of fellow fly-fishermen. We were plenty, over 25 as I counted. It was great to see so many children and adults interested in learning fly-tying. At the end everyone left with two well tied flies, which certainly could catch fish!
My respect for the organizers. They provided a cosy basement, fly-tying materials, some snacks and lots of patience. All this for free. Well done, Espoon Perhokalastajat r.y.! KIITOS!
I know I will be back for the next session, which is about Salmon flies.