Wednesday, September 21, 2011 | By: sunnysuomi

EPK fly tying evenings

EspoonPerhokalastajat organizes fly tying evenings for the uneasy fly-fisher minds <-- It's closed season here. I missed the first evening, but got there for the second. I have to say, I always see new people there....which is good and probably means newcomers to EPK. This evening we tied three flies and they were not new to me. Nevertheless, I always learn a few tricks and Finnish words. :) Here are some photos from the evening:
Monday, September 12, 2011 | By: sunnysuomi

Last days of fishing before the closed season

Here in South-Finland, rivers are closed. It's spawning period for the red-spotted, yellow-colored (wild-)trout. I fished the last days and fishing was though (on those rivers). Generally, the water level is higher than usual... on this river, though, water was low and trout was wary. I managed to land over 15 trout and grayling. Nothing big. Still, it was fun. The cloudy weather also provided good occasions for landscape photography. Here is a first peek into those last days. Some more photos will come and I am also back to doing some more fly-tying.