Friday, February 18, 2011 | By: Naturephoto

A step further than just "normal" Catch & Release?

I know this will get some reaction, but the current Catch & Release practice made me think. Are we doing any good for our fish population? (Note, I am not talking about stocked fish intended to end up on your plate!)

Catch & Release sure has pros and cons and thus followers and critics. However, as C&R is gaining popularity in every corner of this world, I wonder about those cons.
We love to catch fish and C&R should facilitate this joy by allowing us catching the same fish again and again (assuming, it did not outsmart us. :D).

Let's look at this practice from the fish PoV. By stalking food looking "thingies" they exert energy. When they are hooked and played, they exert lots of energy. Bye the time they are landed, they are half dead. After all this "exercise" they are released back (hopefully after sufficient revival). Indeed, they are much worse off after the release, since they had not taken food (no calorie = no energy) but exerted energy.

Following this reasoning, we should give back! We should have "Feed & Release" practice. I know this sounds strange, but just think about carp fishing where they use antibacterial sprays on the wound caused by hooking, before they release the fish. Is there a protein spray, energy shot, or other way to give back without even more hurting the fish? Is there a way to do this? I do not know. What is your opinion?


Dave and Amelia Jensen said...

How about sending them back with an energy bar and a Viagra with a slap on their tail and a wink in your eye? Nah, they'd all want to get hooked then!