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Lemon & Grey classic fly by Timo Kontio

We had another fly-tying evening at EPK. This time Timo Kontio came to teach us how to tie Lemon & Gray. It was my first classic fly tying and feel there is room for improvement. :) Nevertheless, I learned a lot about handling fly tying materials. Below is the sample fly tied by Timo Kontio.
Lemon & Grey by Timo Kontio
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Mikko Stenberg fly-tying evening at EPK

Mikko Stenberg visited us at EPK and showed how to tie couple of his dry fly patterns. We learned some tricks, from dubbing to setting the wing post for correct angle. Sure, it was interesting to hear about the thinking goes into imitating certain characteristics of a natural fly and how testing the flies provides clues for improvement. Thanks for the tying and storytelling, Mikko!

Mikko telling the story behind his fly.
Mikko dubbing the thorax
Fulgata, Vulgata Emerger
Fulgata top view
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Recent nymph ties

Ribbed hairy hydro
Hare's ear variant
Irresitible psyche
Chewy damsel nymph
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EPK - Lake-flyfishing for Whitefish by Mikko Halonen

This weeks fly-tying evening was themed around fishing for whitefish. Mikko Halonen came to present his wide range of knowledge about lake-flyfishing for whitefish. For the surprise of many, whitefish is at least as preferred fish to catch and eat in Finland as trout. However, fly-fishing for them is not a common way to catch them. We learned a lot about their habitat, behavior, seasonal considerations, and so on. Mikko Halonen was also introducing his books: Siikaperhoja and Perhokalastajan Harjus.The top of the icing was seeing his fly boxes and tying some flies with him.