Saturday, June 18, 2011 | By: sunnysuomi

Vision - my fishing companion is broken

Recently fishing was superb, especially during the night and early mornings. Although, we have plenty of light at those times, my casting seem to suffer. I managed to hook a branch and brake off the tip of my first fly-rod, a Vision 3-zone. The tip itself was replaced already, but now I have to make a decision to buy a new tip or retire this rod. Its ferrules are quite worn off and the rod itself seen about 7 summers. The Vision customer service is one of my favorite, they are very quick to answer, always offer solutions and not try to find excuses. I need to think about the options, buy a new tip, buy another rod, look for someone who needs the lower parts of this rod. One hand, I landed close to 500 trout on this rod and think it is part of my "fishing mojo". :) On the other hand, I could buy one of the latest Vision rods. Hmmm.

UPDATE: Of course, Vision customer service replied to my request on the same day. They could send a new tip for a reasonable amount and recommended two of their new rods. As I wrote, the rod (and model) is quite old & not sold anymore, but Vision supports their products. I had couple of bad experiences with another brand, namely they told me that no replacement available anymore and I should buy one of their other rods. So, I respect Vision for their customer service and continue buying their products. I bought one of their kit (great price / quality) and a better wading jacket. Now, it's time to cast and drift some more flies.
Friday, June 17, 2011 | By: sunnysuomi

Insects - a bit more than seen by naked eyes

Taking macro photos of insects has been one of my interest. I think (and hope) that I learnt a bit during these photo sessions both about insects and about photography. When I take a closer look at these insects I often discover features, I did not know... E.g. patterns of mayfly abdomen, eyes of flies, hairy&scary look of a fly (reveals that The Fly movie was not that far-fetched), shape & texture of wings. Enjoy these photos and try your cameras macro setting when next time out. In my "Insects" gallery you find these in larger resolution (click on the photo on to open it up in full size)

Night fishing under the never setting sun

Here in the Nordics, night fishing under the never setting sun is fun. Photography is a bit more challenging. G'nite!