Tuesday, January 25, 2011 | By: sunnysuomi

Quick Review of the Imago Amphibian wader

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I have been planning to take this wader out there and test in harsh condition, but the weather turned on us. I managed to go fishing twice in this winter and the last time it was already hard to find a place to wet my fly. (long lasting cold weather turned the river surface into beautiful, but uncollaborating ICE)

Thus, here is a short recap of my experience with the Amphibian:
Feeling. When buying garments, I often want to touch and feel. Not only have the outer sided, but inside, as well. I do not know about you, but it has to feel comfy for me to wear it. Not so much for a wader in winter time, but I also wear them during the HOT Finnish :) summer. Joke away, Amphibia has its feel! Me like this Microfiber Twill. The upper part also stretches, so it would accommodate a couple of beers, as well.

Durability. Well, you did not think I figure this out after two occasions, did you? I've got no idea, but the guys at Imago claim it underwent extensive testing and the 4+5 layer design is convincing. The material seems to be a bit thicker than any of my other waders, so I am betting on a good score here.

Fit. This is where products used to go wrong for me. I am a huge Hungarian Gulliver, but in a normal word wear size S. We checked the size with Imago before getting my wader. Size S is not a perfect fit (wee bit long), but good enough for functioning. I only wish the stride was a bit wider. I often fish in rivers with large boulders and jumping on&off or over to another boulder requires quite a wide stride. This too would be useful, if often you need to jump in and out of a boat.

Features and accessories. As I wrote not much experience, but I love the lined chest pockets on those winter days. The wide neoprene belt is comfy and stylish;). Gravel guard is nowadays a standard and Amhibian got it too. The suspenders are just great! Of course, they are adjustable, but also you can easily release them. I again see here the beer theme. :D
The neoprene socks are well shaped, but seem to be a bit thicker and bigger than those of a "usual" S-size wader. They were a bit difficult fitting into my wading boots, but during fishing they felt OK.

Price. Naturally, I need to mention this too. I won this wader on a contest. :) Thanks New Zealand On The Fly  and Imago! Back to the money, it isn't your cheap rubber waders. For about 400 European bucks, you may buy some of the best waders on this side of the big pool. Fortunately, all the characteristics of the Amphibia seem to justify higher price. I usually run a wader per year (or every second if I am lucky) and I buy recognized brands. So, if Amphibia lasts for over two years, I am already better off than usually. I will let you know how they perform and last.

Summary. I like what I feel and see! It’s a stylish and well thought out design. The fit could be a bit better, but we are all different. You may find it perfect. Durability is an important factor for me, but only time will tell. Come back here if you are interested how it performes.

Some photos from these outing at the beginning of the great Finnish winter or more from my site, Naturephoto:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 | By: sunnysuomi

Fine dries from Paul

Just couple of days ago I saw Paul Slaney posting his swap flies on FB. I asked him for the recipe and he offered to send couple of flies. They arrived and look great. I will report how trout over here like them. Thanks Paul!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011 | By: sunnysuomi

SID 5 is out - Special Issue of Rich Schaaff

Last year, I've lost a photographer & fly-fisherman friend, Rich Schaaff. (Check out his work on EastForkFly!) We got connected through our common interests and became interested in each other's work (photography). When I first time read Rich's story of his aggressive illness, I was sorrow. His loved wife (Julie S.) shared this story on FB and now also published in a special issue of Sleeping In the Dirt. Make some time to check out this issue 5, read Rich's story and admire the outstanding fly-fishing&hunting photography of SID.
Happy New Year Rich! I wish FB would develop a module to share your photos from the Heaven.