Friday, March 26, 2010 | By: sunnysuomi

Waiting for the opening of the river

As the river here is still pretty icy, I have been trying some flies that worked very well last season and also experimented with some new ones. Indeed, I am running out of hooks. No worry, the new order is already on its way from the UK. I also ordered some flies to have a closer look at them and probably tie some more.
My new macro lens is amazing. Thus, this weekend I am also shooting macro test shots, some probably of the new flies. I will try to post them here, soon.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 | By: sunnysuomi

Fly-tying course - Espoon Perhokalastajat r.y.

On one of my last season's roadtrip, I met a fellow fisherman from Espoo. He was eager to tell about their fly-fishing club, Espoon Perhokalastajat r.y.. Indeed, I have already forgotten about his invitation to the club, when last week I run into the club's site and found out that there is an ongoing winter fly-tying course.
Naturally, today I went to meet these guys and learn some new tricks. They were really friendly and let me join the course. We tied two basic streamers. I have been tying for 4 years, thus they felt a bit too easy. So, I was there mostly for the company of fellow fly-fishermen. We were plenty, over 25 as I counted. It was great to see so many children and adults interested in learning fly-tying. At the end everyone left with two well tied flies, which certainly could catch fish!
My respect for the organizers. They provided a cosy basement, fly-tying materials, some snacks and lots of patience. All this for free. Well done, Espoon Perhokalastajat r.y.! KIITOS!
I know I will be back for the next session, which is about Salmon flies.