Thursday, February 16, 2012 | By: sunnysuomi

EPK - Lake-flyfishing for Whitefish by Mikko Halonen

This weeks fly-tying evening was themed around fishing for whitefish. Mikko Halonen came to present his wide range of knowledge about lake-flyfishing for whitefish. For the surprise of many, whitefish is at least as preferred fish to catch and eat in Finland as trout. However, fly-fishing for them is not a common way to catch them. We learned a lot about their habitat, behavior, seasonal considerations, and so on. Mikko Halonen was also introducing his books: Siikaperhoja and Perhokalastajan Harjus.The top of the icing was seeing his fly boxes and tying some flies with him.

Sunday, February 12, 2012 | By: sunnysuomi

EPK fly-tying evening - Surface flies

One another fly-tying evening at EPK. This time, Markku Kemppainen was introducing surfacefilm flies to EPK fly tiers. After a short theory on why and how these flies work, we tied some flies on progressively smaller and smaller hooks. They are extremely simple and quick to tie. I have fished surface flies before, so I know that when conditions are right they will work. Now, we just need all that ice to melt.

Surface fly - simply ugly :)